Class Descriptions

At Hot Yoga Findlay we strive to offer classes that are perfect for you, at every stage of your yoga journey. Whether you are looking to relax after a stressful day, take the time to restore your body, or you want to get in a full body workout, we will have you moving mindfully toward your intention.  All our classes are taught in a heated environment (85 to 95 degrees).  Come hydrated and ready to sweat (LARGE TOWEL AND WATER ARE A MUST!)

BEGINNER-No experience necessary. In order from least to most intense.


INTERMEDIATE-Some experience necessary. In order from least to most intense.


ADVANCED-For students looking to deepen their already established yoga and pilates practice with a more intense practice and advanced poses.


SPECIAL CLASSES-In addition to our traditional classes, we can also host private classes, handle corporate accounts, host parties, and lead meditation. Contact us for more information.



Off Your Mat and Into Life

Our hope is that this will become a delightful gathering of yogis wishing to spend time learning about/reflecting on yoga philosophy and engaging in discussion on how yoga can impact our lives…even when we aren’t on our mats!  We read books, articles and provide workshops on a variety of topics through out the year.  This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to practice living mindfully in our busy world! This group is FREE to anyone with a current package or membership at Hot Yoga Findlay.

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